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Helping businesses with planning, strategy and diverse problem solving.

71% of firms fail due to poor general and financial management


Kempex Consult is London based business management consultancy, working with SMEs on a wide range of areas. These include strategy, financial management, operational efficiency, online presence, branding and more. We are strategic developer with successful background orchestrating start-ups and newly formed businesses.

Highly focused on organisational missions and objectives, we believe in keeping an eye on the big picture of your business, while working on the small details.

We work closely with owners and managers to develop their business skills and knowledge. These range from: 

  • business model design

  • managerial accounting

  • financial management

  • operational efficiency

  • change management

  • marketing techniques and implementation

  • online presence management

We help clients to plan and execute projects; enhance strategic thinking; analyse the factors affecting business success.

Combined, this brings increased operational performance and efficiency through skilful restructuring. We are expert in identification, analysis and resolution of diverse operational issues. 

47% fail because of a lack of marketing capabilities


Based in London, Kempex Consult works with extended network of professionals, providing wide range of business support.

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