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Working closely with start ups and established businesses on two main areas:



There is no excuse anymore to be in business and not have a consistent, reputable and active online presence. We use this marketing and messaging discipline to improve your brand and present you better to the world. The chances are, you already work with social marketing company, PR firm, website developers or all this is done by different people in house. The question is How much time/effort do you spend to coordinate all the people involved? 

  • If you feel overwhelmed with the speed of which the digital revolution is coming up with new tools and services, we can help.

  • If you can't distinguish anymore between who's good and who's bad in the online services world, we'll certainly help.

Your company has a product or service to sell and if this is the ultimate goal, you can't rely on your social marketing guy to worry about your bottom line figures. They will care about your likes, retweets and shares. The same goes to your PR, who gets you coverage and negotiates endorsements. The website editor will execute just what you ordered. 

We, on the other hand, act as focal point and manage all these peripherals to your business with an eye to the ultimate goal - more revenue, bigger efficiency, better reporting. At Kempex Consult, we bridge the gap of knowledge, help communication, save time, take responsibility and make the picture clearer. 


There is chronological order in establishing and solving the challenges of your business. We believe that it starts with a solid business plan and financial model. Quality data collection comes next, followed by the analysis of the data and efficient managerial accounting.

Do you really know your business' current financial situation?

We are flexible, adaptable and work with clients in a boutique and personalised focus. Using BI, we rely heavily on data first and use analytical skills to find answers to your questions and uncover new insights and opportunities. 

  • budgeting and distribution of resources

  • operational optimisation

  • managerial accounting

  • financial modelling

  • strategy and planning

Our Mission

Our mission is to help businesses get on track to be successfully positioned to run an efficient and profitable operations.

We help you achieve this by solving the problems or filling the gaps in your know-how. To accomplish this, Kempex Consult will:

  1. Get to know you, analyse data, identify risks and give clarity to the current state of your business.

  2. We plan your strategy in one of the two problem solving approaches: Bottom-Up or Top-Down (preferred). The way we do this is by breaking down larger issues into smaller pieces.

  3. Execution of the strategy by either working directly as an internal consultant - managing projects and implementing changes within; or advising externally by training and working alongside the owners/managers.